I Love Italy Hunt Hints & Pics

Starting Point: Nefeli's Gestures: "Italiane"

1.MISS JEWELL: What's new?

2.The Mesh Cloud: Marble behind a wall of textures

3.SANNA-SCIENCE and ART: Italian Fashion is Famous ! Will she be next Italian Top Model ?

4.Lindy M&R Shoes: How often does it RAINA in Italia?

5.[PC] PIXEL CREATIONS: Primavera - that's italian for spring.

6.Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop: Look for the giraffe: wait for you!

7.Mahlberg Tailors: You can water me

8.Timeless Textures: As Bob Dylan said 'Everybody must get STONEd'

9.**Brii Underground Wear**: Have you seen my pelican?

10.HHVET Victoriana: Quack Quack!

11.Just Imagine... by Vita Theas: Male-Men, two ranks face you,  one on top of the other,  look always to the left
Female-Ladies, a new born Venus in blue jeans  a twin aspect

12.Celestial Designs: Want to see the world? use me to book your flight

13.Shadow's Five Elements: Everything lays in ruins

14.Gemase Designs: Have you walked a mile in someone else's shoes?

15.Stitches Creations: Hiding under the mushrooms.

16.Sweet little Things: LTTLE TREE

17.{VEE}`s : The Green Corner where Kikki, Nelly and Laureen have a nice day.

18.Ezmerelda's: {My Owner Lost Me "On A Chandelier"}

19.Applique` Chic: Do you have change for a five ?

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